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JTL Capital partners with developer on two condo conversions in central Austin

June 15, 2006

Dallas-based JTL Capital, LLC announced today that it has partnered with Austin-based EnglandPartners to convert two vintage apartment complexes in central Austin, Texas into condominiums.

On the heels of the successful Tarrytown Terrace and Travis Heights Terrace projects, EnglandPartners was able to gain control of two more apartment complexes worthy of redevelopment - one on Castle Hill and one across the street from the Travis Heights project in the hip SoCo area.  The two new conversion projects will total approximately 50 units and will bring the same form and finish that is becoming synonymous with the Terrace brand. 

Austin Terraces, the development brand of EnglandPartners, specializes in the redevelopment of older, Central Austin apartments into upscale Terrace condominium communities with highly sought after locations. Each Terrace property is produced with high quality finishes, beautiful landscaping, and amazing color schemes that are distinctive to our developments.

Austin Terraces has literally built a reputation as the developer who understands the uniqueness of Central Austin condominium buyers. The recognizable Terrace brand is known for the ability to deliver quality living environments at prices that were previously unimaginable for Central Austin.

Founded in 1999, JTL Capital, LLC is a closely held, private real estate investment and development concern based in Dallas, Texas. JTL invests directly in buildings, land, leaseholds, mortgages and other real estate interests and employs a value-enhancement strategy to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for the company and its investors.

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